Business Plan: Cutting costs to grow stronger

A global technology business unlocked tremendous value by transforming its cost structure and operating model to enable focus on core business.

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Client challenge

  • Two core business with equal focus one more profitable than the other
  • Addressing the organizational and operating model challenges resulting from recent acquisitions and industry shifts
  • Identifying cost savings, process and operating model streamline opportunities
  • Focusing resources at all levels on the most promising areas of the business

Incentica’s Solution

Transform cost structure and operating model to enable focus on core business:

  • Analyzed market conditions and comparative competitive investments in related business
  • Framed fully burden cost structure for core business
  • Assessed impact in the market of investment changes
  • Targeted specific areas for cost reduction, operating model transformation, and investments
  • Consulted with stakeholders to create plan
  • Coach execution of plan for internal realignment and adoption in the market

Impact on client’s business:

Rapid path to stability and growth

  • The company achieved 20% reduction in operating costs.
  • Company, including senior management became focused on high return side of business.
  • The operating model transformation enabled a resurgence in the remaining core business.
Steve Williams CExP™, CMAA

is a Partner at Incentica Business Plans in Calgary. He is a certified exit planner and mergers & acquisitions advisor with 30 years of senior management and executive experience. Steve has written over 130 business plans and succession/exit plans for some of the biggest best, including Fortune 500 companies. Steve is a Business School grad and Harvard educated.

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