Exit Plan and Strategic Plan : 300% growth also created transaction options

Exit Plan and Strategic Plan. A mid-sized Alberta based technology business transformed itself by adopting growth strategies.

Exit Plan and Strategic Plan : 300% growth also created transaction options

Client challenge

  • A core business that had not grown in years
  • A business with core competencies that were a fit with untapped markets
  • Value added to clients being priced at discounted rates
  • Inadequate corporate structure, no processes to repeat success

Incentica’s Solution

Increased focus on US-based market with fit and big upside

  • Analyzed prospective markets, determined low-hanging fruit
  • Pursued market with high margins, high volume, and good fit with current core competencies

Increased price by connecting clients to quantifiable benefits

  • Analyzed market conditions and relevant competitive products
  • Increased price with current and prospective clients, leveraging differentiated value-adds

Instituted human resources best practices

  • Restructured management; clarified processes, roles, and responsibilities
  • All management and staff focused on performance-based objectives

Impact on client’s business:

Rapid growth and ability to consider new options

  • The company achieved 300% growth in top and bottom line in the first six months of execution
  • Company, including senior management, became focused on successful changes: new market, new pricing, new HR practices
  • The core business growth allowed the company to start to build on a foundation and consider exit planning as the next step
Steve Williams CExP™, CMAA

is a Partner at Incentica Business Plans in Calgary. He is a certified exit planner and mergers & acquisitions advisor with 30 years of senior management and executive experience. Steve has written over 130 business plans and succession/exit plans for some of the biggest best, including Fortune 500 companies. Steve is a Business School grad and Harvard educated.

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