How to Create a Pitch Deck That Gets Investment from Private Investors

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By Steve Williams CExP™, CMMA

There’s no question that a well-crafted pitch deck can help your business secure investment and funding from private capital markets.

But what makes a pitch deck stand out from the rest? In this article, we will discuss the key components that make up a great pitch deck and provide tips on how to create a presentation that will impress investors and get you the funding you need.

What a Pitch Deck Should Focus On

A pitch deck is a presentation that provides an overview of your business, including your unique selling proposition/points of differentiation, market analysis, and high-level financials.

It is typically used to secure funding from private investors, such as venture capitalists or angel investors.

Pitch decks need to be concise and to the point. It is a summary of what you know about the market opportunity, why you are qualified to provide a solution, why it is better than the alternatives, and the financials to support your case.

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When crafting your pitch deck, keep the following in mind:

  • Your unique selling proposition/points of differentiation: what makes your business unique and why should investors invest in you?
  • Market analysis: who is your target market and what is the size of the opportunity?
  • Competitive analysis: who are your competitors / what are the alternatives, and how do you compare?
  • Financials: what are your high-level financial projections?

By including these key components in your pitch deck, you will be able to give investors a clear overview of your business and why it is a good investment opportunity.

pitch deck template to get funding

Creating a Pitch Deck that Impresses Investors

Now that we know what a pitch deck should focus on, let’s take a look at how to create a presentation that will impress investors.

When it comes to design, less is more. Keep your slides clean and simple, and use high-quality images and graphics to convey your message.

You don’t need to cram every detail into your pitch deck – investors will ask for more information if they are interested in your business.

Your pitch deck should be easy to read and understand, so use clear and concise language throughout.

The Most Important Thing is You

Yes, getting the pitch deck right goes a long way with investors, but at the end of the day, investors are not going to operate and grow the business – you are.

But relax, if you know the target market, the problem you are solving, what makes your offering different, and have a clear vision for how your business will be successful – you will do fine.

Remember, the most important thing is you and your team.

And lastly, make sure to practice delivering your pitch deck so you can effectively communicate your ideas to investors.

Anticipate their questions and know your numbers, nothing kills a pitch like an owner that does not how numbers in their deck were calculated.

If you can focus on these key components, you’ll be well on your way to creating and presenting a pitch deck that gets investment and funding from private investors.

Steve Williams CExP™, CMMA is a Partner at the Incentica Advisory Group in Calgary. He is a certified exit planner and mergers & acquisitions advisor. Steve has completed over 100 exit strategies and strategic plans for some of the biggest and best companies.

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